Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Reflections from a torn city

Last night, we were blessed to speak with Bob and Dierdre Mauss, a couple displaced by the hurricane back in September and now commuting from their new refuge outside of the city to work every day. After gutting their entire home, they sat with us for an hour and a half to discuss their trials since the storm and answer questions. They both work for and with the disenfranchised and, ironically enough, they are now the ones being served.

Another thing we have noticed are the lack of stores, restaurants, malls, etc. which are open. The people poor and marginalized who would normally be making food, cleaning, etc. have been displaced to the point that businesses can no longer keep their doors open 24/7 (as in the past) or even at all. Driving 20 minutes away for a case of water is not an uncommon occurrence these days.

The group has become one and our gracious host/tour guide/pit boss/friend, Matt Russo, has helped us to truly understand the faces of the poor in a way that will forever stay with us. As much as we are saddened at the thought of leaving this incredible city in 2 days, we welcome the opportunity to bring this experience, and the insight we have gotten into the experiences of our new friends, back to Saint Joseph's and Philadelphia amongst our friends and family. We love you and we miss you.


At 9:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of you are doing a fabulous job--something that you and the people you have touched down there will remember forever!
Keep up the great work! Go St. Joe's!


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