Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tonight's Reflections

It honestly felt really good to just get in there today and actually do some physical labor. The group was amazing - we were all anxious to make progress on Bob and Deidre's house. We began our work around 8:30 this morning, and finished at about 4:30. In the afternoon, we cracked and broke down the plaster on the walls, worked on pulling up boards on the walls, and Matt Russo and Andrew worked a little on pulling up some floor boards. We used hammers to hit and break the plaster, which created an incredible amount of dust! After all of the plaster was torn away, we had to shovel it and transport it to piles outside.

In order to remain safe from all of the mold and dust, we each wear these blue suits and face masks. As we work, it's difficult to identify who another person is right away since we all look alike! We get so hot and so sweaty underneath the suits that by the end of the day, our clothes are completely soaked.

We all did some hard work this afternoon. Everyone really came together as a team to get the job done on Bob and Deidre's house. I keep thinking of a line from an Indigo Girls song - "I have to use my hands, not just my head." We have been educated about the issues surrounding Hurricane Katrina, are meeting the people here, and experiencing life after the destruction. It's time to do some hard work in order to make a difference in the lives of the people here.

One last thing I forgot to mention- we are staying right next to Loyola University - what a beautiful campus!


At 9:47 PM, Anonymous PSD said...

Great job guys! Best of luck to the SJU Team as you help those so horribly stricken by this disaster. Know that there are people here are proud to know those like you who give so much time, energy, and heart to helping those that need it. Be safe and keep up the good work. God bless

At 1:31 PM, Blogger Gelch said...

Dear New Orleans Crew,

I am currently at work procrastinating so I opted to do the facebook/e-mail thing. Then I found this log... I've been thinking about all of you this week. Reading your experiences has been incredible. You can feel the passion that each of you hold so close to your heart with every single thing you do. Each of you are truly men and women for others and make our community so proud. Each of you are in all in my thoughts and prayers this week. Take care of eachother.

Love always,
Kathleen Gelch

ps- your all wonderful!


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